RELEASE: DLGA Chair Peggy Flanagan Accepts America Votes’ 2024 Cecile Richards Progressive Leader Award on Behalf of Minnesota Trifecta

Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday, DLGA Chair and Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan accepted the 2024 Cecile Richards Progressive Leader Award on behalf of the Minnesota Trifecta at America Votes. LG Flanagan highlighted the tremendous accomplishments of Minnesota’s Blue Trifecta and the progressive work that was accomplished when Democrats were elected up and down the ticket.

Since the Trifecta came into power, Minnesota Democrats have: protected reproductive rights and gender-affirming care, provided free breakfast and lunch to all students, laid the groundwork for 100% clean electricity by 2040, cut taxes by millions, made Juneteenth a state holiday, invested in critical infrastructure projects, restored voting rights for over 55,000 Minnesotans and so much more.


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