DLGA Statement on Kentucky GOP Lieutenant Governor Nominee Robby Mills

While the Beshear-Coleman Administration Has Focused on Fixing Problems and Strengthening Opportunities, this Republican Ticket Fights to Divide and Take Kentucky Backward

WASHINGTON — With the announcement of the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Kentucky, Executive Director of the Democratic Lieutenant Governors’ Association Kevin Holst shared the following statement:

“Unsurprisingly, Kentucky’s Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor is more focused on pushing an extreme and divisive agenda, and fighting to cut teacher pensions than serving the people of Kentucky. While the Republican candidate campaigns by fear mongering, attacking our fundamental freedoms, and hurting our schools, Lieutenant Governor Coleman is a former public school teacher who has fought alongside Governor Beshear to strengthen Kentucky’s public schools and support teachers and students. Governor Beshear and Lieutenant Governor Coleman have spent the last four years working to bring people together to bring more good-paying jobs to Kentucky, rebuild from devastating natural disasters, and lower drug costs. The choice on the ballot couldn’t be clearer, which is why voters will swiftly choose four more years of progress with Beshear-Coleman in November.”


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