DLGA endorses in Arizona governor’s race

DLGA backs Katie Hobbs for Governor

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association released the following statement regarding its endorsement of Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in her primary campaign for Governor in Arizona.

“Secretary Hobbs has been a courageous, strong leader serving as Arizona’s Second-in-Command. She is committed, hard-working and as we have seen in her role as the State’s Chief Elections Officer, she will stand up for integrity and honesty no matter what. I speak for all of my colleagues at the DLGA when I say we are excited to support Secretary Hobbs and her continued service to the people of Arizona in every way we can,” said DLGA Chair and Michigan Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II.

DLGA Executive Director Roshan Patel added, “Katie Hobbs is a fighter. She has proven that her whole career–whether it’s expanding health coverage for Arizonians or protecting their vote. We are excited to support Secretary Hobbs in her campaign for Governor.”

The DLGA is an independent voluntary political organization that provides resources and policy assistance to candidates in their campaigns for Lieutenant Governor. The DLGA is proud to support current Democratic Lieutenant Governors in 22 states and 3 U.S. territories.


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